Whakatūpato Programmes


Otukou Marae


Firearms Safety Specialists NZ Limited has recently contracted with New Zealand Police to deliver the Whakatupato Programme on their behalf. The programme will run for six months while consideration is given to its effectiveness in our rural communities.

The Whakatupato Programme is the firearms safety and licencing programme with added content delivered to rural and isolated communities. The courses are delivered in a friendly and familiar environment for the participants, often on local Marae.

FSS NZ covers the following topics in their delivery of the Whakatupato Firearms Safety and Licencing courses:

  • An indepth coverage of the seven basic rules of firearms safety
  • An introduction to firearms law giving basic coverage of:
    • the Arms Act 1983
    • the Arms Regulations 1992
    • Transportation of firearms
    • Permits and permission
    • Buying and selling
    • Loss or theft of licence
    • Change of address requirements
    • Air rifles
    • Immediate supervision requirements
    • The different licence endorsements available
  • Firearms operations – how Bolt Action, Lever Action, Pump Action, Airgun, Semi automatic and break open firearms work. What makes them unique to each other. What are their uses.
  • Ammunition, its capabilities and componentry. How a round is made and how it works.
  • Using firearms safely – from handling to crossing fences and rivers with firearms.
  • Basic firearms maintenance
  • Ethics around firearms handling and hunting
  • Four positional shooting techniques
  • Firearm Cleaning

FSS NZ instructors have authorisation to administer the firearms safety test, mark it and give results on the spot.  A New Zealand Police Certificate of Examination is then issued to the successful participant enabling them to continue in their application for a New Zealand Firearms Licence.